How Cloud Organisation reduces the cost

In the earlier stages of the invention of computers, it comprised of hardware components like a motherboard, hard-disk, RAM and other ancillary equipment, to run the computer. As the days progressed storage of data was a challenge. Initially, it was supported with a hard copy with the hope that there was a fallback.

Data applications were in KB’s but now they are in GB’s. For mobility, limited data can be transferred in accessories like mobile, Pen drive and so on. The accessories can crash. During an important presentation if the given inputs do not work then the explanation, narration and the hard work put in cannot be replicated by any other means.

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The amazing invention of the cloud initially by AWS was remarkable. It has many advantages like one can open anywhere his account and relate subjects. There is no need for data storage and above all it is eco-friendly. Millions of trees that were cut for the want of paper is slowly coming down. This is helping ecological balance.

Cloud is a very safe option for conserving data. Now the focus is on data mining as a tremendous amount of data can be stored and if one can do proper indexing then stored data usability becomes an important ingredient for further activities. Cloud computing is now a necessity.

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Untitled design 1 1

In the modern-day world, people want a user-friendly application for example in a packaging company, they would like to see the movement and the cost of manufacturing from the basic raw material (board) input to the finished product(carton). Nowadays every penny saved is a penny earned. When the stages are evaluated, one comes to know where are the leakages. It can be in the form of excessive labour, material wastage and so on. Companies use ERP application like JD Edwards, SAP, BAAN and so on to link and evaluate the process better.


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