How Google makes it easy for you to shop online

Google wants you to shop online. And to improve your online experience and help you find the right products for your needs, the company has launched a website dedicated to popular online products.

The company’s new microsite is called Best Things for Everything Guide. Highlights about 1,000 products according to their popularity on the web. The company says this will help users find products more easily.

Google says that in the next few weeks, users will be able to browse the site and find products or choose from one of the eight product categories, from technology to home to parent. “Once you’ve found a product you like, just tap to find more details on the product description page, including prices, reviews and places you can buy it,” explains the company in a blog post.

Google also explains that if you are looking for something off-site, there are tools that users can use on other platforms as well. Users can find user updates directly on the product purchase page, compare prices and look for product availability options in online and nearby stores. To do so, users need to select the “available available” filter on the Google Search ‘Shopping’ tab to see local stores, stock information and curbside pickup options.

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