How to add ads code on your website using plugin

When you don’t see Google ads or other ads medium (and if you have not violated any laws of google and you are eligible for Google Adsense), then one of the cases might be that the AdSense in WordPress is not activated.
These are the time when plugins come into play to make your work easy.
The best ads appliers are adfoxly and advanced ads according to me. I am using this for a year and would say that the support system is at its best and usage is very user friendly.


This is the easiest ad manager plugin available.

I used it and would say that if you run into some errors and if you mail the team they look into the matter, they either come out with the solution or they bring the solution in the next update.

Here you get all the premium solution at free and is not a new company it is a 2013 established company.

Google AdSense or for custom advertisers and publishers they have solution for the bloggers.

Image, Video, Google AdSense, Amazon Ads or maybe you have custom JavaScript/HTML code all are supported by them.

The plugin automatically arranges the webpage accordingly starts showing ads.


They even have PRO campaigns

Verdict: Top notch plugin. Try it for yourself, it speaks for itself in it’s simplicity and versatility.Simple and easy-to-use plugin. I can’t wait for the new features!

Advanced Ads:

It works with all ad types and networks, including Google AdSense, Google Ad Manager (DFP), Amazon ads, or, and has more an advertisement optimisation process too moreover that it supports ads.txt.
If you use the Gutenberg block, then it even has a dedicated ads plugin for it.
Google AdSense violation and Ad Health integration checker is also a feature of this.
And the best thing is that these are features even for free version too.


Ad Health integration:

Highlight Ads:
If there you will face a network problem, then it will highlight the area wherein the ads to be shown, and it only works with ads injection as of now.

Debug Google Ad Manage Ads:
While you click on the box then debugging parameter will be added in the URL of your website.


  • It can manage unlimited ads in the backend and frontend of your website.
  • It is very flexible as if you have code from any ad network and if it is static images, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, or even shortcodes it will work properly.
  • You can even schedule ads by adding up a start or expiry date and time when you want to show the ads.
  • These all features are free and are very easy in nature.

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Personally I use it and would recommend you:

  • This plugin is really helpful, making integrating Google AdSense ads on blogs very easy.
  • They even send tutorial mail so that a newbie can even learn to understand how this game all works.
  • This plugin helps to directly start ads on the website without any manual coding on the theme.
  • This one is easy to learn and also has a lot of features
  • It does all the tricks so that your ads get visible to the audience
  • The support system is very friendly, they always respond to queries on mails and even on social media.
  • Makes the website look professional too.

If you need Ad”™s on your site, use this Plugin.

In the PRO version:

  • You will get Advanced Ads positioning.
  • You can track all the ads.
  • You can even get responsive ads
  • Then you can get sliders too
  • It comes with the google ad manager
  • You can even have popup and layer ads, sticky ads too.
  • Geotargetting can be done.
  • Selling Ads.

The first plan: which comes with one year of support for one site.
The second one: this comes with all the support in first as well as it gives advanced ads pro, Tracking, and all other add ons too.
Best wherein it but it is for 4 years for a single site.

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