India and UK conduct anti-ransomware exercise

India’s National Security Council Secretariat (NSCS) and the UK Government in partnership with BAE Systems have successfully designed and conducted a Cyber ​​Security Exercise for 26 countries as part of the International Anti-Ransomware Task Force Initiative-Resilience led by India under the leadership of the National Cyber ​​Security Coordinator ( NCSC).

The exercise was facilitated by BAE Systems through the Immersive Labs platform and scripted specifically for participants based on Threat Intelligence and operational experience.

The theme of the exercise is based on the energy sector, in which the respective National Cyber ​​Crisis Management Teams of the CRI partner nations will have to deal with a ransomware attack on multiple electricity distribution companies.

These companies are responsible for the distribution of electricity to domestic customers and are the last link in the public supply. The exercise explores the complexities of decision-making about responding to ransomware in critical national infrastructure.

There are more than 26 invitees from CRI partner countries and their respective organizations; including cyber security, national crisis management, national security policy, critical national infrastructure and law enforcement.

The goal of organizing this virtual ransomware resilience cyber exercise is to simulate a large, widespread cyber security incident affecting organizations across the country.

This exercise was designed to support CRI’s mission and aims to allow participating CRI members to test their ability to respond to a major ransomware incident; Demonstrates the benefit of information sharing and collaboration during a major incident; provide opportunities for CRI nations to share their anti-ransomware approaches.


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