India is amongst the highest in Digi tech during an epidemic

While the covid-19 epidemic accelerates the adoption of digital solutions, India has seen one of the highest rates of digital technology acquisition by health and human services organizations (HHS) among the tested countries, according to a new study from EY and Imperial College London’s Global Institute. Health Innovation.

A study entitled ”˜Embracing Digital: Is covid-19 is the catalyst for permanent change?”™ Found that 51% of respondents in India had increased their use of digital technology and data solutions since the epidemic. While 74% of respondents in India reported that digital technologies and data solutions have increased staff productivity, 75% reported that digital solutions have been successful in delivering better results for patients and service users.

These findings are based on a study of more than 2,000 HHS employees worldwide in India, Australia, Italy, UAE, UK and US, and included 359 respondents from India

“Response to the covid-19 epidemic has shown that data and technology can make a huge difference in the work of health workers and workers in India, who have worked tirelessly and bravely in the face of this dreaded disease.”¦ Lessons learned during the epidemic , Government and Public Sector, EY India.

According to the survey, telecommunications and video consultations saw the largest achievements in all technology solutions, with telecommunications provided by 81% of HHS organizations (from 39% before the epidemic) and video consultations available to 71% organizations (up from 22%). % before epidemic).

In contrast, acquisitions were higher in India at 86% by telephone consultation (from 48% before the epidemic) and 83% by video consultation (from 33% before the epidemic). Public sector organizations in India prefer digital self-help tools (92% organizations) and online self-assessment tools (89% organizations) for telephone and video consultation.

Also, in India, nearly three quarters of respondents reported good performance on digital technology and data solutions, resulting in better collaboration and efficiency in the performance model.

Approximately 40% of respondents from India cited ethical and independence concerns as one of the most common high-risk issues in our sample, with only 11% of UK respondents and 20% of US respondents, respectively, citing this as a major obstacle.

From India, 75% of respondents indicated that they plan to continue to invest in technology and technology solutions over the next three years and that the investment rate will be more than 50% compared to the previous three years.


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