India is the 3rd country most affected by ransomware attack

Microsoft recently revealed exposure to Microsoft Exchange servers. Now, a new report states that there has been a worldwide increase in the number of ransom attacks since the company introduced the risk.

According to a CheckPoint Research report, there has been a 9% monthly increase in organizations involved in ransomware attacks since the beginning of 2021. This rise includes a 57% increase in organizations affected by the virus in the past six months. The report also states that in the last week alone, the number of attacks involving Exchange Server threats has tripled. The research organization saw more than 50,000 attacks attempted globally seen in the past week. 3,868 organizations are affected worldwide.

The report also states that the government and the military remain the industry most affected by ransomware attacks with 18% of total attacks. This was followed by the production of 11% of total attacks, banking and financial services with 8% of total attacks, health care with 6% of total attacks and education and research with 4% of total attacks.

As for the countries that remain most affected by ransomware attacks, CPR states that the US remains the most affected country with 12% of total attacks targeted. It was followed by Israel and India in second and third place with a total attack of 8% and 7% respectively. Japan, on the other hand, remains the fourth most affected country with 6% of total attacks while Canada, Spain, Mexico, the United Kingdom, China and Portugal saw 2% each.

In addition, the report noted that WannaCryhlengwareware, which started operating four years ago, has returned. Since the beginning of the year, the number of organizations affected by WannaCry worldwide has increased by 53%. CPR found that there were 40 repetitive organizations affected by March 2021 compared to October 2020. EternalBlue exploitation was used to spread ransomware. It was also used in the onslaught of the virus about four years ago and its spots have been found since then.

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