A ransomware is a type of malware that, when downloaded, encrypts a user’s device to prevent access to its files. (Photo: istock)

Indian companies on the radar of a ransomware group, the report said

The Ransomware Stormous group has targeted and stolen sensitive data from several Indian companies including Cement Corp. of India Ltd., and an urban rental company with First Floppy, according to a new report by CloudSek.

The group also said it had breached sensitive information on the private sector bank, IDFC First, and the international industrial organization Godrej Group – both of which took place in January this year, according to CloudSek.

The Services of First Floppy website appeared to be active and in good working order at the time of publication of this report.

Ransomware is a type of malware that is malicious, or malicious. By using ransomware, hacking groups can block user access to a single computer, or organization access to all of their information technology (IT) infrastructure. Ordinary gangs have used ransomware to profit financially, prompting companies around the world to look for ways to reduce the threat with additional data backups, online insurance and managed security services.

Stormous, according to CloudSek, also claimed to have cracked the source code of the First Floppy website, and obtained sensitive information. In previous cases, rare sources said Stormous had managed to steal information such as bank statements and ID details from IDFC First, while similar internal data was stolen from Godrej Group. Lastly, CloudSek said the ransomware group is demanding a $ 700,000 (approximately Rs 5.5 crore) payment.

The IDFC First or Godrej Group does not make any statements about alleged violations.

Stormous is believed to be a pro-Russian ransomware group that once stole more than 160GB sensitive data from the global beverage company Coca-Cola. The company, in April, had demanded a ransom of nearly $ 65,000 in Bitcoin, from anyone interested in purchasing a data dump at their black web store.

While Coca-Cola said in April that it was investigating whether it had a data breach, cyber experts raised questions about the authenticity of Stormous applications. Many had suggested that the group might exaggerate its claims, led by a very low price they were willing to sell the data trove.

In India, ransomware attacks have seen a rise in recent times. On May 27, India’s private airline, SpiceJet, admitted to dealing with ransomware attacks that led to several flight delays and cancellations the next day.

In an interview with Mint last month, N. Raman, chief information security officer (CISO) in the ONGC state-owned enterprise, said the growing need to connect the company’s operational infrastructure – such as the oil drilling rigs of the oil exploration company – was leading. in the naturally expected rise of cyber attackers who want to exploit this opportunity.

Many online safety reports have also highlighted the same. In March this year, US-based cybersecurity Palo Alto Networks said that over the past year, the number of ransomware attacks on Indian companies has tripled every year – a clear threat to data security. digital.


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