5G could benefit the Indian economy by $445 billion between 2023 and 2040.

Indian telecom giants to invest $19.5 billion in 5G infrared by 2025: GSMA report

Indian telecom giants are expected to invest around $19.5 billion in developing advanced infrastructure for 5G by 2025, according to a GSMA report. The report suggested that 5G could benefit the Indian economy by $445 billion between 2023 and 2040, or more than 0.6 percent of the 2040 GDP forecast. This would reflect the large number of 5G use cases that will be implemented in major sectors. Indian economy.

“The benefits of 5G are expected to be unleashed in new applications in the manufacturing sector (representing 20 percent of the total benefit), as well as in retail, ICT and agriculture,” the findings reflect.

However, while the Government of India has allocated two operators at 250 MHz each in the E-band to address the current need to support 5G deployments, this may not be sufficient in the 5G era due to the requirement for high-capacity backbone connections to support use cases. and increased traffic.

The report states, “Clear policy guidelines for backhaul spectrum allocation are essential.” In particular, 5G would be a key enabler for enterprise digital transformation in manufacturing units, energy and utilities, banking, transportation, healthcare, sports and retail in India. .

The report, titled “India: On the Road to a Digital Nation”, states that both the consumer and enterprise segments represent significant opportunities for 5G in India. It further states: “Reforms are necessary to support the development of advanced telecommunications infrastructure as a fundamental driver of the digital society.”

A substantial digital divide still exists in India, with a lack of literacy and skills remaining the biggest barrier preventing large groups of people from engaging with the digital economy and the social and economic benefits it can bring to their lives.

The GSMA report also mentions, “Given the importance of 5G to India’s digital future, it has become critical for the government and the mobile industry to develop together and ensure the sustainable growth of the mobile industry.”

Meanwhile, Bharti Airtel Ltd is set to launch its 5G services this month and will cover urban India by the end of 2023, Gopal Vittal, CEO of the second-largest telecom operator, said in an emailed communication.


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