Indians spend more than eight hours a week playing video games

Almost a year since the first ban in India, Indians were hanging on screens, either for watching games or for playing video games. A new report by Limelight’s State of Online Gaming shows that gamers around the world spend 8 hours and 27 minutes playing games every week. For Indian athletes, that number stands at 8 hours 36 minutes.

The reason for the worldwide playing time of the epidemic is clear. New and old gamers may be taking their favourite and new titles while sticking home. This could be due to the growing popularity of online/social gaming consoles which has increased dramatically in the last few years.

The report adds that consumers are playing time increased by 14 per cent during the epidemic compared to last year.

The report also suggests that more people find new connections through online games. Data shows that about 53 per cent of gamers said they made new friends online by playing in the past year. About 36 per cent of gamers also call for the ability to communicate with other players during play is very important.

Gambling has been played out as a situation, as it is reported that more than 60 per cent of Indian players have spent more than 3 consecutive hours playing games. From 2020 to 2021, the average sex drive in India has risen from 4.1 hours to 5.5 hours. The change is due to people living at home for a long time during the epidemic.

The report also said that overeating reached a peak during the epidemic. The average player played video games in a row for five hours and six minutes, which is a 13 per cent increase from last year. In addition, young athletes between the ages of 18 and 25 have been playing for an average of about six hours. In India, gamblers spend anywhere from 5 to 15 hours binge-gaming accounts with 54 per cent of players.

The report also suggested that the lack of social participation in the epidemic provided an opportunity for more people to enter the sport. About 64 per cent of gamers around the world say that they started playing video games last year.

Look for the speed and comfort of the next generation

The report also said that gamers want to work faster. Better performance was more important for 47 per cent of players. In addition, more than 94 per cent of Indian players say the process of downloading games is tedious.

The need for better performance was also translated into the search for additional consoles that followed. About 74 per cent of gamers were interested in purchasing a new console. Thirty-two per cent of these players want the new hardware required for updated hardware while 31 per cent require faster gameplay.

Gambling is now a popular audience game with a choice of the top entertainment

The Limelight report also revealed that more than half (56 per cent) of the world’s sports commentators said they had started watching others play video games last year. The average player now spends two hours and 48 minutes each week watching others play video games online. Currently, athletes in India spend the most time in any country tested, five hours and 24 minutes on average each week.

Playing video games now is also a popular pastime for many people, suggests a report. Three out of five players (62 per cent) said they prefer to play video games rather than watch a movie or TV program. India leads the charts in this case, with more than 75 per cent preferring to play games by watching / broadcasting shows and movies on a TV or OTT platform.

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