Insider builds of Windows 11 will include folders in the Start menu, new gestures and other features

It’s been more than two weeks since the last Windows 11 Insider Build for the Dev Channel, and it looks like this pause in build releases is no coincidence. Windows Central Editor Zach Bowden informsthat in recent days, Microsoft has added many new features to the branch rs_prereleaseand also raised the build numbers to 250XXto mark the start of a new development cycle.

In the coming weeks, Insider Builds of Windows 11 will add the ability to create folders in the Start menu, return support for drag and drop to the taskbar, and give legacy app titles a blur effect. In addition, they will add a new interface for snapping Snap Bar windows and new gestures for opening the Start menu and the Quick Actions pop-up window.

Folders in the Start menu will work exactly as you’d expect. To create a folder, simply drag the icon of one application on top of another icon. When you click on a folder, a window will appear with a list of application icons that are in this folder. Of course, this feature will help to clean up the “Start”.

As for the Snap Bar feature, this will be another way to snap app windows to existing layouts in Windows 11. The Snap Bar will appear at the top of the screen when you drag a window across the screen. Recall that now to anchor a window, you must either drag it to the edge of the screen, or use the anchor menu that appears when you hover over the Maximize button in the window title.

Legacy app title bars will get a blur (or Acrylic) effect instead of a static white color. By the way, Microsoft accidentally demonstrated this change in one of the live broadcasts, so you can take a look at the screenshot below. Sounds like Windows Aero, doesn’t it?

The new gestures are sure to please Windows 11 tablet users. If you swipe up from the bottom of the system tray area, a Quick Actions pop-up window will appear on the screen. Elsewhere, this gesture will open the start menu, just like in Windows 10X.

And finally, Microsoft will bring back some taskbar features that were in previous versions of Windows, but are missing in Windows 11. We are talking about support for dragging files to open application icons on the taskbar (drag and drop) and automatically hiding the taskbar when using the device as a tablet. In addition, the user interface will be improved if the icons of open and pinned applications do not fit on the taskbar.

This is probably not all the features that Microsoft is preparing. According to Zach Bowden, Microsoft intends to introduce the following features in builds from the rs_prerelease channel in the coming weeks:

  • Folders in the start menu.
  • Window titles with Acrylic effect.
  • snap bar.
  • Dragging items to the taskbar (drag and drop).
  • Improvements to Quick Actions and Notification Center.
  • Gestures to open Start and Quick Actions.
  • Pinned files in File Explorer.
  • New “live subtitles” feature.

Many of these features will be part of the next major Windows 11 update, codenamed “Sun Valley 2”, scheduled for release in the second half of 2022. However, some improvements, including dragging files to the taskbar, may appear in the release version of Windows 11 before this date.


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