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Inspire 2022: Microsoft announced new features for the Teams service

Microsoft Inspire is one of the largest annual Microsoft partner events. This year, we will mainly talk about Microsoft Cloud, partner programs and opportunities for business development in the coming year. Simply put, it is clearly not worth expecting any important announcements for ordinary consumers.

However, some news deserve your attention. So, at the event, the company announced a new Excel Live feature for Microsoft Teams, which will allow you to collaborate on e-books in real time during a video conference. It is part of the Live Share feature introduced at Build 2022. Incidentally, developers can create similar features for Live Share using the new extensions in the Teams SDK.

Video clips are another new feature. Nothing unusual here – now users can record, send and view short videos in chats.

Announced a shared note feature that can be used to tag content during conferences. With Microsoft Whiteboard tools, you can draw, type, and respond to shared content.

Teams Connect shared channels have also been released to allow people inside and outside the organization to work together in a single space. Teams Connect supports chats, video conferencing, file sharing and editing, and collaborative app development.

Finally, new features for the Viva employee collaboration platform are introduced. The new Viva Engage app is designed to create communities and improve communication. Microsoft says the platform will provide a similar experience to social media, but in a production environment. Viva Engage will support Storyline and Stories, which are similar to features on popular social networks. By the way, Viva Goals will be available to everyone from August 1, 2022.


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