Instagram brings Enhanced Tags to Reels Know how to use

Instagram brings Advanced Tags on Reels. Know how it is used

Instagram today announced the Advanced Tags on Reels, which is a way to make it easier for creators to get credit for their work. In March, the Advanced Markers were introduced to the Feed, but now they are also available on Reels.

This is especially important as more creators collaborate. “So far, the Instagram community has come together to support the creators and find other ways to borrow, such as tagging and images, so we are now bringing this feature to our product,” Instagram said.

Advanced tags allow the profile category of the creator selected in his or her professional accounts to be displayed in their People Tag, so people can share and view the creator’s special contribution to the photo or video post. Simply put — whether you are a makeup artist, songwriter or another important participant in a post, your contributions will be more visible in the post or on the Reel.

Reels continues to make a significant contribution to the growth of Instagram engagement.

How to Use Advanced Tags

– Open the Instagram app and press (+) in the top right corner

– Create New Posts and Press Next

– Make any art editing and press Next

– After writing the captions, tap Mark People

– Select Add tag and search and select your participants

– Touch Show Profile Category to show creator category

– Touch Done

– When you add any tags and additional details, press Share


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