Instagram is testing the reaction of the stickers

Instagram explores many responsive options in the news. It currently offers eight emoji responses to the news, and will soon add support for stickers. There will be a variety of stickers to choose from, and use them as a response to the news.

A new Instagram test was spotted by InstaLeaks (via Social Media Today) who posted a video showing this feature. This video shows four different categories of stickers – fun, love, funny and sad. There are a pile of around five stickers in each category. It looks like the stickers are set up automatically and there is no visible user option to search for stickers. As it is already split, Instagram should display the appropriate stickers by default.

Currently, Instagram news has eight emoji responses, and this emoji response comes from DMs. There are funny, surprised, hearty, refreshing eyes, clapping, fire, celebration and 100 emoji available as a response to the news. The addition of sticker response will not be too bad, and it can definitely give users more options as the emoji response is always temporary.

This feature is currently being tested, and there is no name for Instagram to make it available to all users.

Instagram explores other aspects of the news that include draft news. This has been confirmed by Instagram and is expected to be launched soon. Instagram users will soon be able to keep up with draft news, and continue where they left off over time. Instagram also checks labels for reshared posts in the news. This is not yet official, and there is no guarantee that it will really come out.


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