At the moment, users can only post one note at a time. (REUTERS)

Instagram rolls out ‘Notes’ feature: Here’s how to use it

Instagram, the messaging platform owned by Meta, has introduced a new feature called ‘Notes’. This feature allows users to create short notes that have a 60-character limit. Notes created by users will be visible to followers in the DM section, and like Instagram stories, notes will disappear after 24 hours. Replies sent by followers appear as DMs to users.

So far, Instagram’s Notes feature has managed to garner mixed reactions from users as a common sentiment. This feature is intended as a less intrusive way to push out information. At this time, users can only post one comment at a time, and if they do so before the previous comment expires within 24 hours, the current comment will be automatically deleted.

Here’s how to use Instagram’s notes feature:

STEP 1 Update to the latest version of the Instagram app.

STEP 2 Open the Instagram app.

STEP 3 Now go to DM section.

STEP 4 Now tap on “Your Note”. Write whatever comes to your mind.

STEP 5 Depending on who you want to share your note with, choose between followers you follow or close friends.

STEP 6 Share and you’re done.

Over the past few months, Instagram has actively voted to bring new features and developments. Now it seems that Notes is one of those additions.

Meanwhile, Instagram, the messaging platform owned by Meta, is also reportedly working on developing a user safety feature that would protect users from receiving unsolicited nude images in their direct messages (DMs). Cyberflashing was allegedly a crime that made it easy to harass people. In order to filter out such behavior online, Instagram is developing a feature that will reportedly protect people from explicit content.

According to the Verge, Meta has confirmed that the feature is only in the early stages of development. The ‘Nudity Protection’ feature is similar to the Hidden Words feature that Instagram launched in 2021. The upcoming feature allows users to automatically filter direct message requests containing offensive content.

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