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Instagram will now soon test ultra-tall photos that fill the entire screen

In an effort to live up to its full-screen role, Meta-owned photo and video sharing platform Instagram has confirmed it will soon begin testing new “ultra tall photos”.

According to The Verge, the company will introduce support for thinner and taller photos with a 9:16 aspect ratio to help them fill the entire screen when users scroll through the app’s feed.

Currently, the platform has a top aspect ratio of around 4:5 when displaying vertical images, which have been cropped accordingly, and the new test will begin “in a week or two.”

“You can have tall videos, but you can’t have tall photos on Instagram, so we thought maybe we should make sure we’re treating both equally,” said Instagram boss Adam Mosseri during his weekly “Ask Me Anything.”

Previously, Instagram’s TikTok-like redesign was criticized by some photographers for the way it forced all photos to awkwardly display in a 9:16 frame.

Reportedly, the company still intends to showcase this ultra-high-end photography experience, but without mandating it across the board.

The company also reportedly said it will reduce the amount of recommendations shown to users until it gets better at selecting content they’ll actually enjoy.

Recently, the platform started asking some users about their race and ethnicity.

The company said that if they don’t know people’s race or ethnicity, they will be limited in judging how their products affect different communities.


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