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Instructions: Enable the new Info section in File Explorer in Windows 11 Build 25272+

Not so long ago, information appeared on the network that in 2023 Microsoft plans to globally update the design of File Explorer in Windows 11, as well as introduce several new features. Mentions of some of the planned changes were seen in Windows 11 Insider Build 25272 for the Dev Channel.

A week later, Microsoft released another Insider build of Windows 11, number 25276, which revealed new details about the upcoming File Explorer update. In particular, we managed to include a new “Information” panel with the following sections: “Insights”, “Activities”, “Properties”, “Related Files”, “Conversations” and “Sharing status”.

The “Activities” section will display information about the latest changes made to the selected file. The Conversations section will let you know which emails or messages the file was part of.

As the user reports PhantomOcean3, you can enable the new function using the ViVeTool utility. You can find the relevant instructions below. Some users have reported that the feature only works on Windows Sandbox or on Windows 11 installed in a virtual machine.


Attention! Enabling this feature may cause File Explorer to malfunction. We recommend waiting for newer builds of Windows 11, where there will be no stability issues. If you still want to evaluate the innovation, then after testing, simply disable the function using the ViVeTool utility. You will find the corresponding command at the end of the manual.

  1. Download the ViVeTool utility by this link. This is a new version of ViveTool 0.3.2, details of which we have covered in our material.
  2. Unpack the downloaded archive to any place on your computer (for example, you can create a ViVeTool folder in the root of the C: drive and place the files there).
  3. Open a command prompt as an administrator (for example, by typing CMD in the search and selecting the appropriate item).
  4. In the command line, navigate to the folder with ViVeTool using the command cd /d , then press Enter. For example: cd /d "C:\ViVeTool"
  5. Enter command vivetool /enable /id:38613007 /store:both and press Enter.
  6. Make sure that the command line shows the message “Successfully set feature configuration”
  7. Restart your computer to apply the changes.

To disable the function, use the command:

  • vivetool /disable /id:38613007 /store:both

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