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Instructions: enable the new search field on the taskbar in Windows 11 Build 25197+

Many users deservedly criticize the taskbar in Windows 11, because it has lost many of the familiar features that have existed in Windows for decades. In particular, the new taskbar does not support ungrouping icons, displaying text labels next to the icons, and the context menu turned out to be truncated.

Thankfully, Microsoft is slowly bringing back some useful features. So, in Windows 11 version 22H2, “drag-and-drop” to the taskbar reappeared, that is, the ability to drag shortcuts and files to the taskbar, including to open windows of running applications.

In addition, the company’s engineers want to return a full-fledged search bar to the taskbar, similar to the one in Windows 10. As before, the search bar will be able to display information about the events of the day. The search bar was introduced in Windows 11 Insider Build 25197 Dev Channel, but it’s disabled by default. If you want to evaluate it, then use the instructions below.


  1. Download the ViVeTool utility by this link. This is a new version of ViveTool 0.3.1, the details of which we described in our material.
  2. Unpack the downloaded archive to any place on your computer (for example, you can create a ViVeTool folder in the root of the C: drive and place the files there).
  3. Open a command prompt as an administrator (for example, by typing CMD in the search and selecting the appropriate item).
  4. In the command line, navigate to the folder with ViVeTool using the command cd /d , then press Enter. For example: cd /d "C:\ViVeTool"
  5. Enter command vivetool /enable /id:39072097 /variant:6 /store:both and press Enter.
  6. Make sure that the command line shows the message “Successfully set feature configuration”
  7. Restart your computer to apply the changes.

If you want to disable the new search field, then use the following command: vivetool /disable /id:39072097 /store:both

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