Instructions: How to disable, remove or restore widgets in Windows 11?

Widgets are one of the most controversial innovations in Windows 11. It was expected that they would become a replacement for the “live tiles” from WIndows 10, but will have a more classic look, reminiscent of the “Gadgets” from the beloved Windows 7. However, Microsoft has greatly let us down with the implementation of widgets. The release version of Windows 11 does not provide for the addition of widgets from third-party developers (although this can change in the very near future), and the widget panel and the widgets themselves do not use native, but Web technologies.

Due to the fact that the widgets are implemented on WebView2, they do not work as fast and stable as we would like, and the consumption of computer resources leaves much to be desired. Quite often there is some kind of anomalous and completely unreasonable consumption of RAM, ROM or even SSD by the corresponding “widgets.exe” process. In such cases, the user has a desire to disable or completely remove widgets from the system. Not everyone knows how this can be done, so we have prepared for you detailed instructions on how to disable widgets in Windows 11 and remove them from the system in several ways at once.

Disabling and enabling widgets in Windows 11 through group policies

This method is perfect if you do not want to completely remove widgets and the Windows Web Experience Package from the system, but simply want to disable them at the group policy level.

  1. Use the keyboard shortcut Win + R.
  2. Enter the command in the dialog box that appears gpedit.msc and press Enter.
  3. In the Local Group Policy Editor that opens, navigate to the following section: Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Widgets.
  4. Double-tap the “Enable Widgets” option and change the value to “Disabled”, then tap “Apply” and “OK”.
  5. Ready. Widgets are now disabled but still installed on the system.

If you want to enable widgets back, then the value of the “Enable Widgets” parameter from the state “Disabled” should be changed to “Enabled”.

Removing Widgets in Windows 11

This method involves the complete removal of the “Windows Web Experience Package” package from the system. It is the “Windows Web Experience Package” that is responsible for the widgets in Windows 11. Removing it will also remove the widgets.

  1. Open PowerShell or Windows Terminal as an administrator.
  2. Enter command winget uninstall "windows web experience pack" and press Enter.
  3. Wait for the process to complete.
  4. Ready. Once deleted, the widgets will completely disappear from the system and will no longer bother you.

Restoring deleted widgets in Windows 11 (method 1):

You can also restore the deleted Windows Web Experience Package, or rather install it again, using PowerShell / Windows Terminal and Windows Package Manager (winget) commands.

  1. Open PowerShell or Windows Terminal as an administrator.
  2. Enter command winget install 9MSSGKG348SP and press Enter.
  3. Agree to the terms, conditions and policies by entering the letter Ythen press Enter again.
  4. Wait for the installation of the Windows Web Experience Package to complete.
  5. Ready. Now you can use widgets again in Windows 11.

Note: “9MSSGKG348SP” is the ProductID of the “Windows Web Experience Package” in the Microsoft Store.

Restoring deleted widgets in Windows 11 (method 2):

In addition to the Windows Package Manager (winget), install the “Windows Web Experience Package” back in the classic way through the Microsoft Store.

  1. Navigate link to the Windows Web Experience Package page in the Microsoft Store and install it.
  2. Wait for the package installation to complete.
  3. Ready. Now you can use widgets again in Windows 11.

Do you use widgets in Windows 11 or have you disabled/removed them? What widget changes or improvements would you like to see in upcoming Windows 11 updates? Share your opinion in the comments!


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