Intel’s 11th Gen desktop are with fewer cores & more speeds

Intel’s Chipmaker unveiled its next-generation processors today, the company that first screened at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January. The chips, codenamed Rocket Lake, are built on Intel’s 14nm process node technology and form the 11th Gen Core line. This is also the first time in more than five years the company has launched its own low-tech program for its processors.

In addition, new chips have up to eight characters, a major change that many may question. The top of the chip line in the 11th Gen line is the Core i9-11900K, which has eight characters and 16 threads, which can actually be seen as a pull-down from its 10th Gen version. The Core 9-10900K had 10 cores and 20 threads, but both chips can get an improved clock speed of 5.3GHz.

The new construction, called Cypress Cove, replaces the Skylake Intel we have used so far. But Cypress Cove is a reconstruction of Sunny Cove’s Intel architecture used for its Ice Lake chips back in 2019. Instead, the company will offer the Rocket family Core i5 and above.

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