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iPhone sales likely to be around 7 million in India by 2022: Techarc

Sales of premium iPhone smartphones in India are likely to cross 7 million this year, market research and analyst firm Techarc said on Thursday.

The number of iPhone users is expected to exceed 20 million this year, the company said.

“Even though the iPhone is not a mass market smartphone, it still enjoys remarkable love and acceptance in India. Since its official launch in 2008, when just over 50,000 iPhones were sold in the country, today the iPhone is ready to sell .” just over 7 million smartphones by the end of 2022,” Techarc said.

According to the company, the iPhone has added 10 million users over the past six years.

Apple on Wednesday introduced the iPhone 14 series of smartphones, which will be available from September 16.

“Cohorts of frequent international business travelers and NRIs have higher iPhone penetration. At the same time, states and union territories of India that have a significant population working outside the country also have a higher proportion of iPhone users. These states and UTs include Punjab, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and Kerala ,” Techarc said.

While iPhone sales in India are expected to see a 140-fold increase in sales since their launch in 2008, Android smartphones, which have the widest selection, OEMs and price points, have seen a 49-fold increase over the same period.

Techarc said that a total of about 162 million smartphones are expected to be sold in India in 2022.

“The iPhone’s very high aspirational value is driving the gradual but steady transition from Android smartphones to iPhones. Currently, only the foldable smartphone form is something that can help the Android ecosystem keep its users in the ultra-premium category, a mix of productivity and uniqueness that adds to the personality of the users,” said Techarc.

The research and analysis firm said the iPhone has captured more than 80 percent of the ultra-luxury segment, where Samsung is the only other major brand, while others, including OnePlus, OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi and Google, are trying to carve out their share of the market pie.


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