It’s been 20 years since Mac OS X was sold

Twenty years ago, on March 24, 2001, Apple began allowing customers to purchase the Mac OS X, which was followed by the older Mac OS. The first version of Mac OS X, called “Cheetah”, was unique in its combination of “Aqua” which had water bubble style designs with everything from its windows to its buttons.

From then until now, Mac OS has undergone many changes but there was Mac OS X where Apple took one of the biggest steps in transitioning from a company that was on the brink of failure to one of the world’s most successful ones. Mac OS X preceded the launch of the first iPod and announced what was expected to be under the leadership of Steve Jobs.

Mac OS X was first introduced in January 2000 at a keynote address at the Macworld Expo. You can check out the media release Apple has given them to announce the Mac OS X, here. Job had said in an important document at the time that the Mac OS X would “delight consumers with its simplicity and surprise experts with its power” and added that it was “the most important software” from Apple since the first Macintosh version was launched in 1984.

Mac OS X was finally made available to users on March 24 the following year and you can check out the Appl release that was posted at that time, here.

Mac OS X’s water bubble connector has introduced, now known, Dock which gives users easy access to apps, docs etc and includes an updated File Management Finder. This Aqua look is also considered an icon of its flexible bars and buttons.

Other features on Mac OS X include advanced power management, Apple’s Quartz 2D engine for “stunning graphics” and wide broad support and it came with QuickTime 5, Movie 2, iTunes, and AppleWorks, which was the Apple’s productivity software at that time.

Mac OS X is built on Apple’s “Darwin” operating system and supports most of the existing Mac OS applications. However, developers also had to “redesign” their apps to make things work better, so after that Apple released the Mac OS X for a 12-month beta (2000 to 2001) before finally making it available. purchase.

When it first launched, the Mac OS X was priced at $ 129 (₹ 9,363 approx) and at the same time Apple was still charging MAC users for upgrades. These updates gradually became less expensive years ago and Apple finally released them in 2013.

As interesting as this new Mac OS X has been, its launch has come a long way. There were major stability issues that Apple needed to address. Apple followed “Cheetah” up with Mac OS X 10.1, also known as “Puma”, just six months after making Mac OS X available and continued to make further progress over the 2001 release.

Mac OS X was renamed OS X in 2012 while Mountain Lion was released in 2012. Mountain Lion OS X was a functional program that came with a very minimal design and was removed from the “skeuomorphic” systems used by Apple under the leadership of Scott Fortsall.

The OS X Mountain Lion came alongside iOS 7 which was one of the biggest design fixes seen in the iPhone operating system.

In 2013, Apple introduced the OS X Mavericks. This was the first version of Mac OS X that was not named after the big cat (Cheetah, Puma and Mountain Lion all coming before this.

The next major change to the Mac OS X came in 2016 when Apple decided to leave the X in the segment and launch the MacOS 10.12 Sierra. The new macOS name has better matched it and made it sound like iOS and as we have seen many versions of macOS until recently – MacOS Big Sur.

Big Sur has been Apple’s biggest update to macOS since Mac OS X. Everything from window corners, colors and draft icon design, all updated to Big Sur. Apple has created a recent update to the new look and feel while you are still familiar with it, including a sleek menu bar, a bright booth, a standard layout of all app icons and an updated audio system.

Big Sur has also renovated the Notification Center and added the Control Center’s instant accessibility and important updates to Safari, Messages, Photos, Maps, and more.

The 12 macOs are expected to be launched later this year and while Apple may not make much of an adjustment to this, it will definitely come up with some new features.

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