India's GSAT-24 satellite launched, entire capacity leased to Tata Play

Launched with India’s GSAT-24 satellite, all capacity is hosted on Tata Play

NewSpace India Limited (NSIL) has introduced GSAT-24 in its first version of the satellite-based “demand-driven” satellite industry, leasing the entire board to its Direct-to-Home (DTH) service provider, Tata Play.

Designed by the Indian Space Research Organization of NSIL, the satellite successfully placed in geostationary orbit by rocket Ariane 5, operated by French company Arianespace, from Kourou in French Guiana (South America) on Thursday.

GSAT-24 is a 24-Ku band communication satellite weighing 4,180 kg with pan-India installation to meet the requirements of the DTH application.

NSIL, compiled in March 2019, is a Central Public Sector organization (CPSE), under the Department of Local Government (DOS) and the trading arm of ISRO.

GSAT-24 is based on ISRO’s proven 3k Bus with a 15-year mechanical life.

As part of the “space change” announced by the Government in June 2020, NSIL was mandated to perform satellite operations on a “demand-driven” model, in which it is responsible for building, launching, managing and operating satellites and providing dedicated customer services.

Every satellite board on GSAT-24 will be leased to its dedicated customers – Tata Play, DTH’s business group of Tata Group, to meet their DTH application requirements.

“Ariane 5 successfully installed two satellites in geostationary orbit: the MEASAT-3d operator of the Malaysian MEASAT, and the GSAT-24”, said Arianespace after launching the Ariane-V VA257 aircraft from Guiana Space Center, European airport Kourou.

“The ‘demand-driven’ mode means that when launching a satellite, one will know who the customers will eventually be and what kind of use and commitment to make the most of this satellite capacity once it has entered the route,” explained an NSIL official.

“In the past, this approach has been largely driven by the supply of goods, and power has been leased after the launch without a strong customer commitment in the past,” the official noted.

“All these machines are fully funded by NSIL – satellite, launch, launch campaign, insurance, transportation, in-orbit maintenance and support. If the satellite is high in orbit, this will be fully owned and operated by NSIL,” said Chairman. of NSIL and Executive Director Radhakrishnan Durairaj told PTI.

“Therefore, we will be a satellite operator on this satellite,” he said.


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