LG shares a timeline for 6G commercial distribution

The commercial deployment of the 5G network began in 2019. It’s been almost two years, but there are many countries around the world where 5G connectivity is not yet available. Under the circumstances, it would not be far off to imagine that the next generation network would take time to arrive. Now, LG has shared a timeline for when it will use its 6G commercial network.

GizChina cites a report by news agency Yonhap and wrote that LG Electronics has announced that it expects its 6G commercial network to be available by early 2029.

The report states that LG Electronics has signed an agreement with American testing and evaluation company Keysight and the Korean Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). As part of the agreement, the three companies will work together to develop 6G network technology.

The three companies will work together to form a terahertz frequency band for 6G communications. The team aims to complete the 6G study by 2024. However, the sale of 6G communication technology will not start immediately thereafter. Instead, it will do so in 2029.

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