LinkedIn now works similarly to the Clubhouse for audio chat

Live audio chats as a format becomes the new ‘News’ format in the world of communication. The latest platform that works on a similar aspect to Clubhouse is LinkedIn. Clubhouse is a live app, available only for iOS. But LinkedIn is not the only company that works with Clonehouse clone.

Twitter has its own ”˜Spaces”™ platform, which is currently being tested in beta and is slowly being released for several users. Facebook works, as does Spotify and Slack obviously. So, get ready for a host of Clubhouse features or applications.

In a statement to TechCrunch, LinkedIn confirmed the feature enhancement adding that “they are conducting preliminary tests to create a unique audio experience connected to your identity.” It also plans to bring audio to other features on LinkedIn such as events and groups.

The report adds that LinkedIn sees its audio aspect differently because it will be linked to user activity identity, unlike the status of apps like ClubHouse.

Screenshots of what the Clubhouse feature will look like were also posted on Twitter via the LinkedIn Android app by retiring engineer Alessandro Paluzzi. The feature has options to join and leave room, power to leave comments, request to speak, etc.

LinkedIn also shared a screenshot of the upcoming feature with TechCrunch, showing what the sound room on the platform might look like. Depending on the screenshot, one can see four highlighted speakers, while the other listeners are in the lower part. The professional description of the speakers is also reflected in the feature.

The LinkedIn announcement comes as it will focus more on ”˜Creator”™ content and will allow users to add Video Cover to their technology page to help them reach more audience members and potential employers.

Additionally, when someone adds a Cover Story to their profile, an orange ring will appear around the profile picture, and a preview of the video will automatically play silently inside the photo frame. It is also the optional field above the profile, shown next to the name, where users will be able to add their gender pronouns.
It also adds a new Creator mode to profiles. The user can add hashtags to show which topics they post the most about you – for example, #startups or #technology. Creative Mode will move customized and active categories at the top of his or her profile to more clearly display their content, and change the “Connect” button to “Follow,” to help them create the next one.

For those who join the LinkedIn Live stream, their Profile background will now show live streaming when they start streaming to help increase the visibility of the content. All of these features will be passed on to members around the world from this week, according to LinkedIn.

What is Clubhouse, why does everyone emulate it?

For those who are not yet in the app, Clubhouse is an audio chat app and is currently limited to iOS. The app has seen its use explode in 2020 and 2021, with more people heading to the platform. Users can hold a live chat with their friends or co-workers, while others can listen and join the conversation if moderators approve. Think of the Clubhouse as providing a highly interactive podcast, in which you too can participate.

The reason everyone is busy trying to copy it is because of the success of the app bug you saw. Apparently the live audio format has got the audience and now everyone wants cash. Just as ”˜News”™ from Snapchat was eventually copied by everyone from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn to Instagram, Clubhouse faces a similar problem.


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