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Looks like Intel and Microsoft are preparing for the release of Windows 12

Well-known insider under the nickname leaf_hobby published on his Twitter * details about the future desktop processors of the Intel Meteor Lake line. According to him, Intel’s internal documentation indicates that the new items will support the Windows 12 operating system. video cardz also added that Meteor Lake will receive 20 PCIe Gen 5 lanes. Microsoft and Intel declined to comment on the leak.

Microsoft has not yet said anything about its intention to release Windows 12, although it has repeatedly mentioned that future versions of the operating system will have more features based on artificial intelligence. “As we develop future versions of Windows, we will be thinking about other areas where AI will play an important role in terms of improving the experience. [с системой]” said Yusuf Mehdi, head of marketing for consumer products at Microsoft.

If Microsoft really plans to use AI extensively in the next version of Windows, it needs to work closely with hardware partners like Intel and AMD to develop chips that can handle AI workloads. This may explain why Intel is already mentioning Windows 12 in internal documentation.

By the way, AMD recently released the Ryzen 7000 line of mobile processors, saying that these are the first x86 processors in the world with a special block for processing artificial intelligence tasks. New items may support Windows Studio Effects, including noise reduction and eye contact. Previously, these features were only available on ARM-based devices.

Intel is not that far behind AMD in the field of artificial intelligence. It is known that Meteor Lake will receive a block for processing artificial intelligence tasks, similar to that of AMD. In addition, the company will use the chiplet design for its processors for the first time, and the chips themselves will be manufactured using the Intel 4 (7nm) process technology. It is expected that new items will be released in late 2023 or early 2024.


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