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Looks like screenshots of the new Microsoft Bing based on ChatGPT have been leaked online

User Owen Yin in his Twitter* and Medium posted screenshots of ChatGPT integration with the Microsoft Bing search engine. According to him, he managed to get access to the preliminary version of the implementation, but it was soon disabled. At the moment, the authenticity of the screenshots has not been confirmed.

Owen Yin claims that the new version of Bing will replace the familiar search bar with a large text field that supports up to 1,000 characters. It looks like ChatGPT in Bing will be able to access up-to-date information, which means that its understanding of the world will no longer be limited to data from 2021.

Searching in the new Bing will be interactive, similar to OpenAI’s public version of ChatGPT. But there are important differences. In addition to answering questions, Bing ChatGPT will provide links to sources of information so that you can verify that the answer is correct.

Bing ChatGPT will reportedly be able to not only answer questions, but also compose poems and short stories. To get a more accurate answer, you can ask the chatbot additional questions.

If you want to switch back to the classic Bing search engine, you can switch to it using the toolbar.

Please note that feature development is ongoing, so some features may not be available in the release version of Bing ChatGPT.


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