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Looks like Sony offered to launch a PlayStation Plus subscription on Xbox but got rejected

It will hardly be a revelation to anyone, but neither Microsoft nor Sony want to see competing services on their platforms. This is supported by documents the companies are providing to regulators as part of an investigation into the deal between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard.

Recently, Sony reported UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) that Microsoft has not allowed a PlayStation Plus subscription to be released on the Xbox platform. It is difficult to say whether Sony really thought about launching its service on a competing platform, but they apparently tried to test the ground. The expected answer is rejection. Microsoft received the same response when they offered to launch Xbox Game Pass on the PlayStation.

Excerpt from document (page 14, item 40):

Third, Microsoft claims that demand for multi-game subscription services will not shift towards Game Pass as Microsoft will also make Game Pass available on the PlayStation (Microsoft, Section 1.3(g)). However, the wider availability of the leader (Game Pass), endowed with exclusive irreplaceable content and protected by direct and indirect network effects, will make it harder, not easier, for other multi-game subscription services to compete. Microsoft’s position that the availability of Game Pass on the PlayStation will be a panacea for the consequences of this deal sounds extremely unconvincing, given that Microsoft does not allow PlayStation Plus on the Xbox


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