Mark announces Facebook tools to help people get vaccinated


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced that the company will launch a global campaign to help people get vaccinated amid the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic. “We have already connected more than 2 billion people with the official Covid-19 information. Now that more countries are going to vaccinate all adults, we are working with tools to make it easier for everyone to be vaccinated again, ”Zuckerberg said in a Facebook post.

Facebook will use all three major forums – Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp to take the initiative. Here’s what the company plans to do.

Facebook vaccination tool

Facebook will be launching a new tool on the platform that will show users where and when to go for vaccinations. The tool will also provide users with an appointment link. The tool will be displayed in the COVID database which will be visible in the Facebook News Feed. While the tool is limited in the US at the moment, Facebook says it will be supported in 71 different languages. It plans to expand to other countries as vaccines are more widely available. In India, vaccinations are available to all citizens over the age of 60 and those over the age of 45 who do not suffer from comorbidity.

COVID News Center on Instagram

Facebook will also bring its COVID News Center to Instagram, allowing more people to access the COVID-related news update center which will also show vaccine-related information.

WhatsApp chats to help sign up for medication

Zuckerberg also revealed in his post that the company will work with health authorities and the government to expand their WhatsApp conversations to help people sign up for treatment. “More than three billion messages related to Covid have already been sent by governments, non-profit organizations and international organizations to citizens through official WhatsApp chats, so this review will help with the vaccination effort,” the statement said.

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