Meet Ishu Kalra - Activist Changing The Landscape of Social Work in Punjab

Meet Isha Kalra – an activist who is changing the landscape of social work in Punjab

It is often said, “Actions speak louder than your words,” and Punjabi social worker Ishu Kalra also works on the same principle. Kalra believes in living a humble life but dedicates everything to public service. Ishu Kalra is at the fore when it comes to dedication to others. Kalra is a renowned social worker and also heads the NGO Humanity. As Punjab grappled with the pandemic, his organization stepped up and worked to serve the people.

Be it distributing masks and disinfectants or providing medicines and rations to the people, Ishu Kalra helped the needy in every possible way. Kalra also paved the way for women empowerment.

In the struggle for women’s rights, he not only raised his voice against dowry many times but also played an important role in getting justice for the victims.

Following the principle that life satisfaction is the key to success, Kalra believes that society will change only when everyone contributes to society and truly understands the suffering of the needy. He says that just as every drop of water is important to the ocean, so is every step taken for the well-being of people.

Besides, at the time of Kissan Andolan, Ishu made the farmers aware of their rights and eventually the government had to withdraw the black laws. The work of Humanity and Kalra NGO has received recognition across the country. Celebrities like Sania Mirza and Nimrat Khaira have appreciated her work.


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