Meta reveals Indian pet icons across categories ahead of Emoji Day

The world will celebrate Emoji Day on July 17. The rise of visual communication has led to a new vocabulary of emoticons and GIFs that make us more expressive than ever before. For every emotion we go through, there is an emoticon with the right expression to help us communicate better.

Meta shares some fun facts about how Indians use emoticons on its platforms.

Among activities and sports, cricket continues to be the favorite sport in the country, followed by yoga/meditation emoticons as people focus on health and wellness.

We’re an expressive bunch, even if it’s just through emoticons – 112 new emoticons were released in 2021 in version 14.0. Despite the many options, the most popular new emoticons on Facebook among Indians displayed a range of emotions.

Here is a list of the most popular emoticons used in India on Facebook and Instagram:

Popular sports emoticons on Facebook posts in India are:

Yoga meditation emoji

Person lifting weights

Bow and arrow emoji

The most popular sports emoticons in Instagram bios for people living in India are:

  • Cricket emoji
  • Soccer emoticons
  • Bullseye Emoji

Popular Emojis in India by Age Group on Facebook:

Gen Z (18-24):

  • Heart emoji
  • Clasped hands emoji
  • Thumbs up emoji

Millennials (25-44):

  • Emoji birthday cake
  • Clasped hands emoji
  • Heart emoji

Gen X + Boomers (45-65+):

  • Emoji birthday cake
  • Heart emoji
  • Emoji Party

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