Micron technology spends its money using artificial intelligence

The AI ​​application allows Boise, an Idaho-based Micron to invest in it so that it can recoup high interest rates with low interest rates, which worries many financial executives across the industry.

The technology provides Micron recommendations for a variety of asset classes and financial institutions that promise high yields. When you consider a company’s limitations on the amount of money it can invest in a particular institution or invest in a particular type of asset. Micron, which manufactures memory chips and storage devices from vehicles to data centers, has partnerships with more than 20 banks worldwide.

With interest rates close to zero in the U.S. and elsewhere, companies are struggling to recover large sums of money in response to the economic shock caused by the coronavirus epidemic. The S&P 500 companies had a net worth of $ 3.79 trillion at the end of the first quarter, up from $ 3.03 trillion a year earlier and from $ 2.07 trillion in 2019, according to the latest data from S&P Global Market Intelligence .

Micron had $ 7.8 billion and the quarterly equity ended June 3, down from $ 8.3 billion last year but the rising quarter compared to 2019. $ 23 million last year, as a result of which it has reduced interest rates.

“In this low-income situation, when we look at the amount of money we save, each point counts and translates into millions of dollars,” said Greg Routin, Micron’s treasurer.

Finding the best way to allocate funds within the company’s internal limits can be a complex matrix, says chief financial officer David Zinsner. “The AI ​​tool is designed to do all that thinking in a fast way,” he added.

The company previously relied on employees in its Treasury to determine how much money they could earn by allocating money to all of their deposit and investment accounts. The AI ​​tool now assists employees in making financial management decisions.

“This is not finishing work but a better job,” Mr Zinsner said. “With the AI ​​tool, our team members have been freed to spend more time on other economies to make the long-term value of Micron.”

Mr Zinsner said the AI ​​tool does not bring in company revenue, but that could change. “Ultimately what we want to get to, is where we do a lot of transactions about it, but it may still be a long way off,” he said.

The use of AI, which has been in use since the second quarter, has produced more yields at lower levels compared to what the company could have achieved without it, according to Mr Routin. The tool was developed by an internal team focused on automation in all departments, officials said.

Companies in all industries have flooded banks with money in recent times, which has led some of them to take discouraging investment measures, including lower interest rates. Extra money can measure the profitability of banks.

Micron’s AI tool has driven the company’s recent decisions to allocate more money to high-yield bank accounts and far from creating low-cost markets, said Mr Routin. Overseas banks with smaller sales tracks in recent months have paid higher yields than other U.S. banks. The AI ​​tool explores investment options including overnight banking; time fee, which limits when money can be withdrawn; financial market funds, a type of mutual fund; financial managers and investors, said Mr Routin.

The company’s revenue has increased as demand for chip-based goods, such as cars and household items, has risen during the epidemic, which has led to a shortage of chip. Micron earned $ 1.7 billion in the category ending June 3, up from $ 803 million last year.

AI tools that guide financial management decisions in companies are commonplace, according to Pete Gilchrist, vice president of sales and marketing for Novantas, a consulting firm. Such tools can make it difficult for banks to predict how customers behave, such as how financial companies plan to save money in their accounts, says Mr Gilchrist.

Mr Routin, Micron’s treasurer, said the biggest benefit to the program was to help the company deal with various accounts and finances. “Given the number of banks we work with, and the opportunities we have, this AI tool has really allowed us to take our implementation to the next level,” he said.



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