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Microsoft Adds Bing Chatbot to Skype, Updates Bing and Edge Mobile Apps

Microsoft released preview versions of Bing and Edge apps supporting the recently launched ChatGPT-based Bing chatbot for Android and iOS mobile operating systems. The company notes that 64% of search queries are on smartphones, so this is a pretty big deal.

The new version of Bing for Android and iOS received an updated user interface. At the bottom of the screen, users will notice a new button with a Bing icon that will open a dialog with the chatbot. Artificial intelligence can compose answers in the form of a bulleted list, text or abstracts, depending on the user’s choice. The application also supports voice input.

In addition, the Bing chatbot appeared in the Microsoft Edge mobile browser, but now only those users who were invited to test the new search engine will be able to use it.

Finally, users can now add a Bing bot to group chats in Skype messenger. To get an answer to a question or get help planning, all you need to do is mention Bing with @ in your message. As in the case of mobile applications, users can choose the style of the generated response.

Microsoft warns that you may experience connection issues with the chatbot for the first few days due to low bandwidth.


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