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Microsoft announces AI-powered ‘Copilot’ feature for Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook and Teams

Today, March 16, Microsoft hosted the “The Future of Work with AI” event, which became known only a few hours before the start. At this presentation, the company introduced a new AI-powered “Copilot” feature for Microsoft 365’s Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams applications. All of these programs will use Copilot for intelligent content generation.

The Copilot feature is reportedly being tested in 20 organizations, of which 8 are Fortune 500. In the coming months, Copilot preview will be available to more customers.

Copilot to Word

In the Word application, the Copilot function will be able to generate texts in natural language based on user requests. For example, you can ask Word to help you create a report on a specific topic, and even provide AI with data to analyze, including other documents from your computer.

Of course, the user will be able to manually edit the generated text. Or you can use the Copilot function again to have artificial intelligence rewrite certain fragments in a different style. In addition, AI will be able to format text, which means users will be able to create documents with more complex layouts.

The Copilot feature will also be able to check documents for spelling and punctuation, suggest text edits based on your likes and dislikes. Thus, artificial intelligence should significantly speed up the creation and editing of documents in Word.

Copilot to Excel

In Excel, the Copilot feature helps you analyze and explore data in tables. You will be able to ask questions in natural language, not just formulas. Artificial intelligence will be able to identify correlations, predict “what if” scenarios, and suggest new formulas based on your questions.

Copilot to PowerPoint

In the PowerPoint application, the Copilot function will allow you to generate presentations on a specific topic, including links to other documents used for information and inspiration. The artificial intelligence understands commands such as “add animation to this slide” and can also apply styles to each specific slide or the entire presentation based on a description from the user.

Copilot to Outlook

In Outlook, Copilot will be able to parse and create responses to emails based on information from the user. You no longer have to write lengthy emails as Copilot can do the job for you.

In the example above, the user asked Copilot to respond to an email approving, but highlighting the key risks based on the referenced document. After that, Copilot will read the original letter, read the document, and then write the text with the necessary details.

Copilot in Teams

Finally, in the Teams app, Copilot will be able to prepare a recap of the highlights of the meeting. Moreover, artificial intelligence will be able to answer questions, suggest those responsible for performing a particular task, and also determine a convenient time for the next conference.


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