Microsoft Edge 101.0 Stable Released

Microsoft began distributing the stable version of Microsoft Edge 101.0 (101.0.1210.32), which brought with it several new features. In particular, the ability to set the default profile and clear the stored certificate for the website has been added.

Component Updates

  • Ability to set a default profile. Politics EdgeDefaultProfileEnabled will allow you to set the default profile that will be used when opening the browser instead of the last used profile. This policy will not apply if the setting is set --profile-directory.
  • Client Certificate Switcher. This feature will give users the option to clear the stored certificate and reopen the certificate picker when they visit a site that requires HTTP certificate authentication. You can do this without leaving Microsoft Edge.
  • Launching Progressive Web Apps (PWA) from the Dashboard. Microsoft is working on improvements to the PWA launch process. In this version of Edge, you can add an Applications button to the toolbar for quick access to the list of installed PWAs.
  • Manage the “Allow extensions from other stores” setting. Now you can use the policy ControlDefaultStateOfAllowExtensionFromOtherStoresSettingEnabled to define a default value for the “Allow extensions from other stores” setting.
  • Enterprise Site List Manager improvements. You can now set up cookie sharing between Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer in the Enterprise Site List Manager. Access to Enterprise Site List Manager can be obtained at edge://compat/SiteListManager.

New Policies

Deprecated Policies

  • ForceCertificatePromptsOnMultipleMatches – Controls whether Microsoft Edge should automatically select a certificate when there are multiple certificate matches for a site configured with “AutoSelectCertificateForUrls”.

Remote Policies

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