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Microsoft Edge 105 Stable Released

Microsoft has begun rolling out the stable version of Microsoft Edge 105 (105.0.1343.25), which brings with it an improved Enhanced Security mode and several other changes.

Component Updates

  • Enhanced security mode now supports WebAssembly for x64-bit versions of Windows. More platforms will be supported in the future. Detailed information about the function can be found on the Microsoft website.
  • Cloud Site List Management improvements for IE mode:
    • You can now restore one of the last three published site list versions using the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. Detailed information about the procedure is described in documentation.
    • You can now identify weaknesses in the corporate list of sites by setting up site activity reports using policies InternetExplorerIntegrationCloudUserSitesReporting and InternetExplorerIntegrationCloudNeutralSitesReporting. You’ll be able to view lists of local URLs for users and recognize potentially misconfigured sites in the corresponding list in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. Details by this link.
    • You can now set up cookie sharing between Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer in IE mode for a list of sites in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. Details in documentation.
  • Cloud Site List Management improvements for IE mode are now available in GCC. From now on, GCC customers can now use the full capabilities of the Microsoft Edge Site List in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

New Policies

Deprecated Policies

Policy changes

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