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Microsoft: Edge’s Sleeping Tabs feature saved over 273 petabytes of RAM in 28 days

Microsoft Edge includes several useful tools that can improve your browsing performance and extend your device’s battery life. On your official Microsoft Edge Dev account at Twitter (banned on the territory of the Russian Federation) the developers shared statistics on how effectively Edge saves computer resources.

So, according to Microsoft, over the past 28 days, the Sleeping Tabs feature has saved more than 237 petabytes of RAM (273,000 TB) in total. The feature was applied to 6 billion tabs, resulting in a savings of approximately 40MB per tab.

Of course, 40 MB may seem like a small number, but if users have dozens of different tabs open and do not have a computer with a lot of RAM, then this feature can be quite useful. Sleeping Tabs, for example, is definitely for owners of the recently unveiled Surface Laptop Go 2, which comes with just 4GB of RAM out of the box.

The Sleeping Tabs feature is enabled by default for all Microsoft Edge users and will put tabs to sleep if they have been idle for more than two hours. If you wish, you can change the timeout, as well as add some websites to exceptions.


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