Microsoft сняла многие ограничения на публикацию приложений с открытым исходным кодом в Microsoft Store » Community

Microsoft has lifted many restrictions on the publication of open source applications in the Microsoft Store

Microsoft has once again updated its Microsoft Store policy to help some developers monetize their projects. In particular, the policy allows open source apps and apps that are normally free to be placed on the store if they are published directly by the developer or by a third party who has the appropriate permission to do so.

Note that a few weeks ago, the company introduced the following wording into the policy: “make a profit from open source software or other software that is usually available for free, and also have an unreasonably high price in relation to the features and capabilities provided by your product” .

The backlash from the community forced Microsoft to clarify its stance on free and open source apps in the Microsoft Store. Representatives of the company emphasized that Microsoft supports developers of open source projects, and also acknowledged that the wording does not accurately reflect the company’s intentions.

AT new policy version the following is stated:

“All your product content and associated metadata must either be originally created by the author of the app, be appropriately licensed from a third party copyright holder, be used with permission from the copyright holder, or be used in accordance with the law. You can report violations through our online form.


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