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Microsoft has limited the number of requests to the Bing chatbot

Microsoft announced about a radical change in the work of the Bing chatbot, which was introduced last week. Starting today, users who have access to the beta version of the assistant will no longer be able to freely communicate with the bot. Now, within the framework of the initiated dialogue, you can send only 5 messages, and in total you can send no more than 50 requests per day.

The restrictions are in place because the chatbot can easily get confused during long conversations as it struggles to keep track of the context and amount of data provided. This often results in the Bing chatbot drifting off topic, generating strange responses, or even being rude to users.

If the user tries to continue the conversation after sending five messages, the chatbot will ask you to reset the conversation and start over. After 50 messages, the chatbot will stop working and ask the user to come back the next day.

Quote from the Microsoft blog about this change:

Our data showed that the vast majority of people find answers to their questions within five messages, and only about 1% of chat conversations contain more than 50 messages. After the chat has reached five messages, users will be prompted to start a new conversation. At the end of each chat session, you need to clear the context so that the model does not get confused. Just click on the broom icon to the left of the search box to start over with a clean slate. As feedback is received, we will explore the possibility of expanding the limits on the duration of chat sessions.


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