Microsoft in its early stages of acquiring a chat platform

Tech giant Microsoft is reportedly in talks to buy a discord-based sports forum with more than $ 10 billion. According to a Bloomberg report, negotiations are underway at the moment and there is a possibility that Discord may decide to go public instead. The forum is also in talks with Epic Games and Amazon over a similar agreement, the report said.

Discord plans to sell the discount were first reported by Venturebeat on March 22, which said “multiple parties” were interested in buying the company. Discord reached a staggering $ 7 billion in December after raising $ 140 million in a funding cycle led by Greenoaks Capital. The company also raised $ 100 million in June last year. A Venturebeat source said the company is likely to look forward to a two-digit acquisition soon.

Purchasing a Discord may be a Microsoft acquisition strategy. The company is a Slack-like platform aimed at gamers and serves as a great way for companies to connect directly with gaming communities around the world. The platform hosts communities on gaming platforms, including consoles, PCs and mobile phones. Microsoft may be looking to improve its Xbox community through acquisitions.

Discord allows gamers around the world to interact with each other through voice, text and video. Gaming players can now connect it to their Xbox account, but there is no official way to do the same with Sony PlayStation. Microsoft may use the acquisition to make the platform unique to players using Xbox and Windows platforms.

The Xbox maker has been looking to increase his offerings to Xbox for a while now. It has acquired sports company Zenimax Media, which owns Bethesda Studios, which is a major ticket company such as The Elder Scrolls series, Doom and more. Microsoft has since made games from Bethesda available on its Gamepass subscription service.

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