Microsoft introduced a line of accessories for people with disabilities

Microsoft has announced a line of accessories designed to complement or replace conventional keyboards and mice that people with disabilities may have difficulty using. The lineup consists of three different devices: Adaptive Mouse, Adaptive Buttons and Adaptive Hub.

The body of the mouse is a small square area that can be attached to the so-called “tail”, which is a support for the palm. It is noted that if necessary, the “tail” can be printed on a 3D printer to fit your needs. The mouse also has a thumb rest that can be flipped over so that the device can be used with both right and left hands.

Adaptive buttons allow you to add eight programmable input methods to your computer, including a joystick, an eight-way D-pad, and so on. Each element can be configured to work like a macro or a complex keyboard shortcut that may be too complex for people with motor disabilities. Just like with a mouse, you can 3D print overlays or accessories to suit your needs.

And finally, the Adaptive Hub lets you wirelessly connect up to four buttons that will send instructions to your computer or phone. The device is also equipped with several 3.5 mm connectors (the exact number is not known) for connecting wired accessories, including the Xbox Adaptive Controller and devices from Logitech.

Accessories for people with disabilities will go on sale in autumn 2022. The cost of new products has not yet been reported.

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