Microsoft introduced a new sidebar for the Edge browser

Microsoft has introduced a new sidebar for its native Edge browser that allows you to access various tools and features without being tied to a specific tab. This feature is designed to improve your online productivity. The sidebar currently includes the following sections: Search, Discovery, Tools, Games, Office, and Outlook. In the future, the list of available functions will be expanded.

  • Chapter office provides convenient access to web versions of office suite applications, and also simplifies file search. In the sidebar, you can see the most recently opened Office files, as well as filter them by belonging to a particular application. If you’re using a Microsoft account on Edge, no additional sidebar sign-in is required.

  • Chapter Outlook lets you view your incoming emails and check your calendar without being distracted from your web browsing. And it’s very convenient. For example, you can choose a flight according to your schedule or compose an email by switching between tabs and adding content from them.

  • Chapter “Detection” enhances browsing experience and provides more relevant information when searching the web. If you open a web page and click on the “Discover” button, you will get facts, articles, and videos related to that page.

  • Chapter “Games” lets you take a break and access tons of free casual and arcade games right from the sidebar in Edge.
  • Chapter “Service” allows you to quickly convert units, do some math, etc. Microsoft has also added an internet speed test tool so you can check your internet connection if a website is loading slowly.

Of course, the sidebar is fully customizable so you can choose the features you need most for multitasking. To customize the sidebar, click on the “+” button to add or remove features. If you want to completely disable the feature, then click on the button at the bottom of the sidebar.

The sidebar is available to users in English-speaking countries in the current version of Microsoft Edge. It should show up automatically, but if it doesn’t, open the “…” menu and select the “Show Sidebar” option.


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