Microsoft is building an Xbox Keystone TV Adapter to stream games from Xbox Cloud Gaming

Rumors have been circulating online for several years now that Microsoft is considering building a Google Chromecast-like TV adapter for its Xbox Cloud Gaming game streaming service. Moreover, work in this direction continues to this day.

Jez Corden, Windows Central Editor confirms that the code name is Xbox Keystone, discovered in the Xbox OS code in March of this year, does indeed refer to a content streaming device that connects via HDMI. It is also worth noting that within the company there are several prototypes of this type of device.

In a statement to Windows Central, a Microsoft spokesperson spoke of the company’s intention to expand access to Xbox content with low-cost hardware. He also acknowledged that the developers of the existing version of the Xbox Keystone need a little more time to polish the device before it hits store shelves.

“Our vision for Xbox Cloud Gaming remains unchanged. Our goal is to enable people to play the games they want, on the devices they like, in the place they want. As announced last year, we are working on a game streaming device, codenamed Keystone, that can be connected to any TV or monitor without the need for a console,” a Microsoft spokesperson said.

“As part of any technical journey, we constantly evaluate our efforts, analyze the knowledge gained and make sure that we bring value to our customers. We have made the decision to retire the current iteration of the Keystone device. We will build on our experience and refocus our efforts on a new approach that will enable us to bring Xbox Cloud Gaming to more gamers around the world in the future.”

Apparently, the Xbox Keystone has been in development for several years now, and Microsoft is still working on improving the features of the device. It can be assumed that Keystone will eventually run a simplified version of Windows or Xbox OS, given that this name was present in the system code along with platforms such as “ERA” and “GameOS”. The move to Windows will also allow Microsoft to promote its own streaming services such as Movies & TV.

From a business standpoint, Microsoft does make sense to build a low-cost game streaming device as the company aims to open up Xbox Game Pass to as many people as possible who may not be interested in buying a full-fledged console. In addition, Microsoft wants to release Xbox Game Cloud apps for smart TVs.

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