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Microsoft is developing a new Edge user interface as part of the Phoenix project

Microsoft is working on a project code-named “Phoenix” that aims to differentiate Microsoft Edge from other browsers with a new Windows 11-style user interface and unique productivity features and deeper integration with Windows.

Famous insider WalkingCat published mockups for the new Microsoft Edge Phoenix UI. This project has been in development since the summer of 2022, and now some elements of it are starting to appear in Edge preview builds as experimental flags.

The Phoenix project will make Microsoft Edge more like a native Windows 11 app. In addition to rounded tabs and some other elements, the browser will have a split-screen feature that allows you to view two web pages side by side on one tab.

In addition, Microsoft is working on a new feature called “Tab Activity Center” that will provide information about browser usage over a period of time. This feature is a lot like Screen Time or Digital Wellbeing on an iPhone or Android device.

The Phoenix project focuses on integrating Microsoft Edge with the Windows operating system. In particular, the browser can be used as a password manager.

At the moment, it is not known whether Microsoft plans to release a global update to Edge or whether innovations will be introduced to the browser gradually as new versions of the browser are released.


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