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Microsoft is experimenting with OpenAI technologies in Minecraft

Mojang Studios and Microsoft are experimenting with introducing artificial intelligence into Minecraft in an attempt to make it more accessible to players. This publication reported Semafor citing own sources. Moreover, the company has already held an internal presentation where it demonstrated a version of Minecraft with large-scale integration of the OpenAI platform.

There is no doubt about this information, since the well-known WalkingCat insider published on his Twitter* demo of Minecraft with artificial intelligence. According to this video, players will be able to create their own buildings, locations, and even NPCs using natural language queries in the game’s command line. Also, AI will be able to simplify complex creative commands and, for example, teleportation.

The technology uses the OpenAI platform, but without the Prometheus layer, as in the new Bing chatbot. Instead, Mojang Studios and Microsoft want to integrate Github Copilot, a cloud service that helps developers and programmers auto-complete code they write. The AI ​​is able to piece together complex Minecraft code by interpreting the player’s commands and then executing them in real time. The AI ​​can also understand the voice commands of the players.

In the demo, not everything works perfectly, but you can understand the direction of thought. Artificial intelligence can help Minecraft players and developers navigate the maze of code and variables that make up the core of the game.

At the moment, it is not certain that Microsoft will actually implement Github Copilot in Minecraft, but such a possibility is being considered.


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