Microsoft is likely to introduce Windows 12 in 2024, it may see a rebranding

Tech giant Microsoft is likely changing the way it releases major versions of Windows again, which could mean the company could release Windows 12 in 2024.

Microsoft is moving back to a three-year release cycle for Windows, which means the next major version of Windows is now available in 2024. It’s another big change in the way Microsoft develops Windows, The Verge reports.

The company initially abandoned its three-year cycle with the release of Windows 10 in 2015, favoring the idea of ​​Windows as a service.

Instead of a major feature release every three years in a new version of Windows, Windows 10 was updated twice a year with major new features.

For years, many Windows watchers thought Windows 10 would be the last big bang of a Windows release after a Microsoft employee described Windows 10 as “the last version of Windows,” referring to Windows Central, a report said.

The tech giant never denied the comments, instead saying at the time that they “reflected the way Windows will be delivered as a service, delivering new innovations and updates on an ongoing basis.”

That changed last year with Windows 11, and Microsoft moved to an annual update cadence for both 10 and 11.

Along with the next version of Windows in 2024, Microsoft still has plans to keep Windows 11 fresh for years to come. The software maker has been moving away from its original promise of big annual updates for Windows 11 in recent months, preferring to deliver major features as they are ready.

The next big update, 22H2, should arrive in September or October after it was recently finalized by Microsoft.


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