Microsoft is offering to people who find it vulnerable Team

Microsoft Tech giant donates up to $ 30,000 to security investigators who can detect bugs in the Microsoft Teams app. The remote operating and collaborative platform gained prominence over the past year, as well as competing forums such as Zoom and Google Meet.

The company’s new bug bounty for Teams shows that the platform plays an important role in its future plans.

According to ComputerWorld, the Teams bug bounty program fee is twice as high as Microsoft’s for any other Office program. In a blog post on March 24, Microsoft said the app desktop client was the “first login app” under the new system.

In addition, the program includes five “case-based rewards” for being at risk that could significantly affect customer privacy and security. Rewards in these cases range from $ 6000 to $ 30,000. There will also be a General Bounty Prize for “other legitimate reports of disability” for the Team desktop client, whose pay range is between $ 500 and $ 15,000.

For online groups, researchers will also be allowed to submit risk reports to Microsoft through the company’s Online Services Bounty Program. The company also provided double recognition to investigators who report reports of group vulnerability. The company has a system called c, under which it provides points to security investigators for reporting weaknesses. The company maintains the same world leaderboard and provides exclusive access to top-level investigators.

The new system highlights the importance of groups in the Microsoft app. Disruption programs have traditionally been used by major technology companies to deter hijackers from following their platforms. But companies often offer such programs only for their most valuable services.

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