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Microsoft Releases Moment 2 Update for Windows 11 Version 22H2

The new major update for Windows 11 version 22H2 has been released, bringing with it many improvements and new features. This update was previously codenamed “Moment 2”. All users of this version of the system are expected to receive the update on the second Tuesday in March. If you want to install the update now, then go to Windows Update and check for updates. Some features will also require you to update your apps through the Microsoft Store.

P.S. The update is expected to become available on February 28 at 20:00 Moscow time, but there is no official confirmation of this information.


New Bing in Windows Search

Microsoft decided to integrate the capabilities of the new AI-powered Bing into the Windows search on the taskbar. It is one of the most used features in the operating system, with over half a billion people using it every month. The new Bing with AI will help you find answers to your questions faster than ever.

Link to Phone app preview for iOS

The Link to Phone app now supports iOS devices, which is certainly good news for iPhone owners. From now on, you won’t have to worry about missing an important call or message while working on your personal computer.

Improvements to the Link to Phone app for Android users

Microsoft has greatly improved the stability of the connection between Android smartphone and Windows PC. And if you use a Samsung smartphone, you can connect from your PC to your phone’s personal hotspot through a list of Wi-Fi networks in a couple of clicks. Also added is the Recent Websites feature, which allows Samsung users to transfer a session from a mobile browser to a desktop browser on their PC.

Windows Studio Effects

Windows Studio effects can now be accessed directly from the quick actions menu on the taskbar if the device has a supported Neural Processing Unit (NPU). With this feature, you can quickly enable and adjust camera effects, including background blur, auto crop, and so on. All of these settings are also available in the Settings app.

These features are currently supported on devices such as the Galaxy Book Pro 2 360 and Lenovo ThinkPad X13s. In the near future, solutions from other manufacturers will appear on the market, including those from Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo.

Reworking “Chat”

The “Chat” function, which is available on the taskbar, has been completely redesigned. The feature now supports camera video preview, allows you to quickly jump to a call, and send a meeting link using any application. Moreover, you can now switch between conversations inside the Chat pop-up window on the taskbar.

Updated app “Quick Support”

This change will appeal to those users who provide technical assistance to relatives, friends or neighbors. With the redesigned Quick Support app, you can start screen sharing or even give full control of the computer to the person providing assistance. Added a pointer that can be used to highlight icons, menus or other elements on the screen, which will be useful for learning.

Widgets panel improvements

Now the widget panel can be expanded to full screen so that all the information you need is always at hand. In addition, Windows 11 now supports third-party widgets. Widgets for Spotify, Link to Phone, and Xbox Game Pass are currently available to users, but the catalog of widgets should expand in the future.

Touch control improvements

Users of 2-in-1 hybrid devices can now make the most of available screen space with a compact, minimized taskbar. When you detach the keyboard, the taskbar will immediately collapse to a thin strip at the bottom of the screen. Need to use the taskbar? Just swipe up from the bottom of the screen and you’ll see the touch-optimized taskbar.

Screen recording in the Snipping app

Now with the Snipping app, you can not only take screenshots, but also record a video of your screen. To use the feature, open Snipping Tool and switch to Burn mode. In addition, captured screenshots are now automatically saved in the default folder.

Tabs in Notepad

The Notepad application received a tabbed interface that allows you to quickly switch between notes. To create a new tab, simply click on the button with the “+” icon in the title bar.

Special abilities

This update adds support for new braille displays and new Braille input and output languages ​​in Narrator. In particular, support for APH Chameleon, APH Mantis Q40, NLS eReader and many others has been implemented.

The voice control feature is out of beta testing. You can use this feature to work with Word documents, manage files in File Explorer, and so on. A complete list of available voice commands can be found by this link.

Energy Recommendations

A new Energy Recommendations page has been added, which can be accessed from the Power section. This feature will prompt you to change settings such as the time for the screen to turn off and the device to go to sleep. These changes should have a positive impact on the energy efficiency of the device. The user himself decides whether he needs to apply certain settings.

Recommendations in the “Start”

On devices connected to Azure Active Directory (AAD), the operating system will now suggest recommended content in the Start menu, matched by artificial intelligence. In the Featured section, you’ll find content to help you prepare for upcoming meetings, quickly access the files you’re working on, and more.

New Windows 365 app

The Microsoft Store has a new Windows 365 app that gives you quick access to your cloud PC that’s customized for you. This application will also be useful for IT administrators in the organization, as it makes it easy to set up employees to connect to the cloud workplace. To download the application follow the link


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