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Microsoft releases PowerToys 0.64 with several new features

Microsoft has released a new version of the PowerToys utility numbered 0.64, which brings with it the File Locksmith tool, a handy Hosts file editor, and the ability to backup and restore application settings.

Main changes:

  • File Locksmith Tool allows you to find out which process is currently using the selected file.

  • Host File Editor Tool allows you to edit the Hosts file in the PowerToys user interface without having to open notepad.

  • Added the ability to create a backup copy of settings and restore them from a saved file.
  • FancyZones now allows you to set default values ​​for vertical and horizontal displays so that the feature works more predictably when a new display is connected or when the monitor ID is reset.
  • Added Group Policy settings to force enabling and disabling the PowerToys utility in organizations. Details in the documentation.
  • Added a warning that the mute feature in video conferences will be removed soon (in version 0.67).

Known issues:

  • Text Extractor sometimes fails to recognize text on ARM64 devices running Windows 10.
  • After installing PowerToys, the Windows 11 context menu might not show links to the PowerRename and Image Resizer tools. Rebooting the system solves the problem.
  • Some users are unable to open PowerToys settings due to incompatibility with some applications such as RTSS RivaTuner Statistics Server.

If you want to start using the PowerToys utility, you can download it from the Microsoft Store or from the project’s GitHub page. This is an open source project, so if you wish, you can contribute to the development of the utility.


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