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Microsoft releases Q2 Fiscal Year 2023 report

Microsoft has published income statement for the second quarter of fiscal year 2023. Revenue for the specified period amounted to $52.7 billion; net profit – $ 16.4 billion. For comparison, for the same period last year, revenue was $ 51.7 billion; net profit — $18.8 billion.

Note. The fiscal year is not the same as the calendar year. In the US, the fiscal year starts on July 1 and ends on June 30.

Highlights of the quarterly report:

  • Revenue was $52.7 billion (up 2%);
  • Operating income was $20.4 billion (down 8%);
  • Net profit amounted to $16.4 billion (decreased by 12%);
  • Divided EPS is $2.20 (down 12%);
  • Productivity and business process revenue was $17.0 billion (up 7%);
  • Intelligent Cloud revenue was $21.5 billion (up 18%);
  • More Personal Computing revenue was $14.2 billion (down 19%);
  • Revenue from commercial Office products grew by 7%;
  • Office consumer product revenue down 2%;
  • LinkedIn revenue up 10%;
  • Income from Dynamics grew by 13%;
  • Income from server products and cloud services increased by 20%;
  • Azure revenue up 31%;
  • Windows OEM revenue down 39%;
  • Revenue from commercial Windows products and cloud services decreased by 3%;
  • The revenue of the gaming division decreased by 12%;
  • Search advertising revenue increased by 10%;
  • Surface revenue down 39%.

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