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Microsoft releases source code for their Fluent Design 3D emoji

Microsoft has decided to open-source its 3D Fluent Design emojis to encourage creativity and inclusiveness in the emoji space. A library of 1538 emoji in SVG, PNG and JPG formats available from today on GitHub and in Figma. The Clippy emoji and the two Windows logo emojis are not publicly available because they are trademarked.

It is noted that initially the company did not plan to open the source of its work. “In the beginning, we were completely focused on creating the main concept. But at some point this idea appeared, and it coincided with our ideas and views: the more open our internal and external source code is, the more perfect product we can create, and the more significant we can be for all of humanity, ” Jon Friedman, Microsoft corporate vice president of design and research, said.

Microsoft wants creators to explore new ways to create their own emoji. “Inside Microsoft, we are one design community with not much to do and see,” Friedman explains. “We want to engage the community to help us see and do something else that will be relevant to the whole world, that will attract people in unique ways.”

Of course, users will surely create sticker sets based on these emojis, and someone will probably make their own unique emoji set. “I think we’re going to see some really unique and specific ideas, and later on I think there will be some really broadly applicable ideas,” says Friedman. “When we made our app icons a few years ago, there were people who made Marvel versions of our app icons. It was amazing. It was just a great creative expression.”

Microsoft’s design teams are looking forward to seeing the community build their emoji library. “There is strength in recognizing, respecting and developing the work of others. Our community has limitless imagination, and we can’t wait to see you break the boundaries, redesign our design, and take Fluent emoji to where we can’t predict,” said John Friedman.


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